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Starfire was born into the heady hard-rock music environment of the Mid-1970's: Alice Cooper, Bad Company, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin who were churning out hit after hit. The original cast members were Phil Corsi, Gary Niemenski, Marty Klein and Kevin Dutchek, with the addition of Dan Frazier. Still in high school, Starfire was considered one of the great Warrendale Detroit bands performing at high schools and colleges.

From the mid to late 70's, Starfire had long run of shows throughout the Western Wayne Detroit area. Then disaster struck in the form of disco. rock bands-once the staple of local clubs, school dances and parties-were being replaced with disc jockeys and strobe lights. Disco was laying waste to the fundamental hard rock genre. The Starfire alumni spawned to other bands and one nighters to pay the bills. But the Starfire nucleus of Phil and Gary held together, albeit under many incarnations (see below for a complete list of former Starfire members).

The original Starfire Band were heard occasionally on local Detroit radio, in particular the "Homegrown" series during the 1980's. Starfire performed at various concerts including some local FM radio sponsored shows. Phil and Gary have been heard on numerous TV and radio jingles. Recently, Gary Niemenski, brother Mark Niemenski of the famed "The Fonda's recorded 60's legend "Question" of Question & The Mysterians on his new release.

After breaking up in 1992, Starfire reformed in 2005. Phil and Gary joined forces with Marty Klein on several shows with newest member, Matt Diggs on lead guitar. Recently, Starfire has added Bob Manzitti on keyboard and vocals.

Starfire Alumni--Thanks, Guys

George Elemont Lead Singer

Kevin Dutchek Lead Singer

Dan Frazier Lead Guitar

Phil Kurilchek Lead Guitar

Tommy Roldan Lead Guitar

Tom Yandrasitch Keyboard

Bob Adams Saxophone, Flute and Vocals

Brian Longshaw Saxophone

Mark Przybulski Keyboard and Vocals

Randy Dombrowski-Guitar and Vocals